Ventura College Athletics

Ventura College Athletics Mission, Vision, and Core Commitments


At Ventura College, we transform students’ lives, develop human potential, create an informed citizenry, and serve as the educational and cultural heart of our community. Placing students at the center of their educational learning experience, we serve a highly diverse student body by providing quality innovative instruction and student support, focusing on associate degree and certificate completion, transfer, workforce preparation, and basic skills. We are committed to the sustainable continuous improvement of our college and its services.


Ventura College will be a beacon of learning—a source of inspiration and guidance—for our students and community.


The Ventura College Athletic Program shall be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the California Community College Athletic Association and the Western State Conference. As a college in the Ventura County Community College District, Ventura College Athletics is governed by the VCCCD policies and procedures, including Administrative Procedure 5700 regarding intercollegiate athletics.

In addition, the Ventura College Athletic Program strives to:

1. Have as its primary mission the academic success of its student athletes

2. Be recognized as a core educational program of Ventura College and servants of the overall college mission;

3. Be characterized by the highest levels of professional instruction and supervision;

4. Provide opportunities for individual growth and development;

5. Provide equal opportunity to all members of the Ventura College community (Gender Equity);

6. Insure an opportunity to achieve excellence;

7. Maximize opportunities for participation by the maximum number of student athletes;

8. Achieve and maintain high levels of athletic performance, within moral and ethical framework;

9. Have its many parts work cooperatively toward a single goal, while coaches and student athletes from all sports support the efforts of their peers and colleagues;

10. Provide the best possible equipment and facilities;

11. Involve community, alumni, parents, faculty, friends and other students, as well as the coaches and student athletes.