Ventura College Athletics

Why Choose VC?

"Ventura College is the finest place in California to combine academics and athletics on the Community College level"

Educational Benefits

Classes at Ventura College have approximately 20 to 30 students. This enables a student to get to know their professors, and for professors to be more available to their students. At universities there could be anywhere from 100 to as many as 400 students in general education classes. Unfortunately, many of these classes are also being taught by teacher assistants (TA's) who work for professors while completing their masters' degrees. Ventura College classes are always taught by the professor of record, who has obtained at least a Masters' degree.

Flexibility with your schedule is a result of a large selection of classes and class times that are offered each semester. Because of this flexibility students will be allowed to schedule their classes around their athletic and outside activities with ease.

The academic support system that is in place at Ventura College is outstanding. Educational needs are accessed and success plans are developed for each student-athlete. If you are interested in completing a college education, Ventura College will do all it can to see that goal is reached.

The Ventura College Swimming Academic Accountability Program

Academic Success has been a consistent part of the Ventura College swimming program. Our Men's Swimming and Diving Team has been awarded an unprecedented 8 consecutive California State Scholar Team awards. Our 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 teams received this award that is given statewide to the one team that best combines academics with athletics in each sport. Our 2002 team holds the record with a combined team GPA of 3.52 (all 15 members received above a 3.0 GPA for the spring semester). In 2005 our Men's team was the 1st aquatic team in the state to win the State Championship AND the State Scholar-Team award. We were very honored by these academic awards. They serve as a validation of our academic accountability program.

Academic Counselor, Scott Brewer is our full-time Academic Counselor for student-athletes. He will help you stay on track with your educational plan, and will be there to help with any of your scholastic needs.

The program provides for mandatory study hall, free tutoring services, and semester long grade monitoring. In addition, communication with our campus wide educational assistance program, computer access areas, our state of the art learning resource center, as well as our comprehensive Math and English centers, are strong features that make this program a success.

Academic Awards are an additional aspect of program. Numerous Aquatic Athletes have been awarded prestigious state-wide and campus-wide academic distinction over the past twenty years. No less than sixteen swimmers have won the Ventura College scholar-athlete of the year award.

The transfer rate for Ventura College swimmers is a source of great pride on campus. Our reputation with university coaches is the finest in the state. Please check the alumni section of this website to see the list of our transfer athletes.


The cost per unit at Ventura College is $46.00. At a university, each unit could cost as much as $600. The total cost of tuition at Ventura College is around $700 per semester compared to $5,000 to $20,000 at some universities. If you are an out of State/or International Student-Athlete please look at our Out of State? page to get additional information. Ventura County high school graduates look at the Ventura Promise page to get additional information on how to get your first year at Ventura College paid for.


The city of Ventura is the one of the most beautiful spots in the State. As many of you may know, being 60 miles north of Los Angeles and 30 miles south of Santa Barbara, Ventura is geographically hard to beat. If living on the Pacific Coast, with its' clean air and great climate, is what you are looking for, Ventura is for you. Life is a little slower here and the surroundings provide unmatched opportunities. Look through any Ventura websites and you will get a taste of what Ventura is like. L.A. is close enough to enjoy its' benefits, yet far enough away to miss its' smog and crowds. We have a historic downtown, a site of a California mission, large clean beaches, and close proximity to the mountains. There are truly few places that match Ventura for overall beauty.

Living at home while attending Ventura College, will provide you with a solid understanding of the academic demands of college while still receiving the support of your family. In addition, you will have a chance to develop strong study habits in a less intense environment.

Housing in Ventura. If you require housing in or around Ventura there are many options based upon your housing budget. For the most part the rent in Ventura is very affordable compared with other Southern California beach town.

Athletic Success

Over the past 15 seasons the Ventura College swimming team has distinguished itself as THE elite program in the state. State and National Champions have graced our roster each year. The 2005 and 2010 seasons brought California State Championships to our Men's Swimming & Diving team. We have won over 90% of our regular season meet over the past 20 season. We have dominated the Western State Conference winning 18 of the past 24 conference titles. (Please check the History page for a comprehensive list of athletic achievements).

On the athletes' level, We feel that we do more for the development of an athlete than any other program in the state. Regardless of experience or ability, the improvement of our athletes, from the beginning of the season to the end, is unmatched. Of this, we am very proud. We are a program that sets winning the state championship and winning the scholar team championship as our goal every season. Last season, ten of our former athletes were competing at universities throughout the nation. Our program has developed to one that will always be competitive for state and national titles. Plain and simple, in order to be successful, you must surround yourself with successful people. At Ventura College.......we succeed.