Ventura College Athletics

Out of State?

Ventura College feels a special responsibility to out-of-state and international student-athletes. We have had swimmers from ten foreign countries, as well as seven states, participate in our program. We will do all we can, within the limits set by the California Community College Athletic Association (our governing body) to helping all student-athletes complete their educational and athletic goals. The Financial Aid Office, the International Student Center, the Academic Counseling office, and the office of Administration and Records are very supportive and will be great resources.

If you are an out of state or international student considering swimming at Ventura College, please fill out and submit our recruit questionnaire.  Additionally, you can print out a CCCAA Form C and fax to Coach Baratte at (805) 289-6328.

International Students can visit the Ventura College International Students website link, and contact Rosie Stutts (VC's International Students Specialist) at (805) 289-6313 or (805) 289-6133 or by email at

Support System


 If you qualify for federal aid, below are the maximum amounts you could receive:

Pell Grant Maximum: $ 5,730
Federal Direct Loan Maximum: $ 5,500
Combined Maximum: $11,000

Contact VC Financial Aid specialist Forrest Doud for more information,  805-289-6594

Visit the Ventura College Financial Aid website link.


You can apply online via the Ventura College website,


  Tuition Fee:  $46 per unit
  Out-of-State Enrollment Fee: $230 per unit
  Out-of-State Outlay Fee:  $14 per unit
  Total Per Out-of-State Unit: $290 per unit
  International Students Total: $310 per unit

Students typically take 24 to 30 units a year. A full-time student is enrolled in 12 units.  Average costs:

  • 12 units a semester: $290 x 24 units (Fall and Spring) = $6,960
  • 15 units a semester: $290 x 30 units (Fall and Spring) = $8,700


After your first year you may want to consider becoming a California resident.  If you choose to take the necessary steps to qualify as a resident of California, you may qualify for in-state tuition of $46 per unit. In seeking reclassification as a California resident for tuition purposes, a student must demonstrate all of the following: (1) Financial independence; (2) Living in California for at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of the term for which reclassification is requested; (3) Establishing intent to become a permanent California resident. Students may demonstrate financial independence, physical presence and intent by answering the questions on residency form (attached), and providing documentation as required from the list of acceptable proofs. The burden is on the student to demonstrate clearly financial independence, physical presence in the state of California and intent to establish permanent California residence.


Jobs are plentiful in this area. At the Aquatic Center we employ lifeguards and swim instructors. If you are eligible for financial aid, you are eligible for an on-campus job. International students may work up to 20 hours per week on campus.