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Ventura College Men's Basketball Mentor Program

New students often do not realize how difficult college is; they may need help, but they are hesitant to seek out their instructors. Therefore each player in the Pirate program is assigned a mentor from the Ventura College staff whom she meets with often from arrival to graduation.

The mentor is a resource for the student athlete, offering interest, encouragement, advice, and tutoring. While a student's instructors and classes change every semester, the mentor is a consistent figure for the duration of the students' time at VC. This counterbalances the athletic commitment, reinforcing the essential message that players must learn to see themselves as students.

Mentors benefit, too, learning new perspectives and new skills. Because the relationship does not end with every semester, but continues for two or three years, mentors are able to observe and enjoy their players' growth. In many cases the relationship continues beyond graduation. Mentors are unpaid, and not all are huge basketball fans, but they all understand the importance of education in the program.

The involvement of the mentors in the program plays a huge role in the development of the players as students, and as young men, and is yet another key to the academic success of each student athlete.

The coaches and players wish to thank all the mentors who generously donate their time and energy to this program.

2014-15 Men's Basketball Mentors

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