Ventura College Athletics

Ventura College Baseball Complex, Pirate Park

The Ventura College Baseball Complex is one of the most unique and picturesque settings in collegiate baseball. The largest field in California Community College baseball, Pirate Park sports a unique design with the spacious outfield dimensions and the center field knoll providing a home field advantage for VC outfielders. The left field line ranges 331' from home plate and the right field line 315', cornering the the uniqueness of the VC Baseball Complex. The dimensions reach 371' to the left-center field gap and 382' to the right-center field gap and 462' to dead center field atop the 10' outfield knoll. The dimensions make the park, as the Pirates affectionately know it, as a hitters/pitchers park.

The large outfield plays to the Pirate hitters advantage with large gaps and plenty of green grass for hitters to drive singles, doubles and triples around the field. Prevailing ocean breezes blow toward right-center field helping Pirate hitters drive baseball for extra base hits and home runs earning scholarships to the four-year level or making the jump to the professional ranks. All the while, the large outfield dimensions provide pitchers with the ability to pitch with the comfort level knowing park allows for the Pirate outfielders to run down fly balls and help develop the Pirate pitchers before they head to the four-year or professional ranks.

The picturesque setting of the Pirate Baseball Complex is displayed on a frequent basis as position players look out to view the Channel Islands, Pacific Ocean and the surrounding city of Ventura, with plenty of palm trees in view. Hitters and fans are provided with views of the foothills and green landscape throughout the games. Just off into the left field foul territory is the iconic Two Trees of Ventura. The temperature range for most Pirate home games sits in the 65-75 degree range with the coastal fog rolling in late during the Pirate home weekday games.

Pirate Park is complete with two home bullpen mounds, two visitor bullpen mounds, two tunnel batting cages and a tee and soft toss hitting area just behind the visitors stands. Fans can sit inside three enclosed bleacher setting areas with views from the first base side, third base side and directly behind home plate, as well plenty of standing room along both bases lines. There is a press box directly behind home plate, a full nine-inning scoreboard behind right field, and fully functioning snack bar on the first base side.

The Ventura College Baseball Complex provides a complete community college baseball experience.